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with passengers aboard flight 214. the ntsb says it's getting a better idea of what happened before the plane went down. the pilot thought the auto throttles were on but realized the plane was coming in too slowly. it crashed into the runway. getting out of the plane proved to be a challenge for the crew and passengers. >> he did describe a chute that had deployed inside and trapped one of the flight attendants. >> 230 people escaped the burning plane. two teenage girls were killed. officials are looking into a report that one of them may have been run over by an emergency vehicle. >>> a man linked to the murder case against aaron hernandez told police hernandez admitted to firing the fatal shot. this is according to documents released today. carlos ortiz told investigators that another man ernest wallace said hernandez admitted to shooting 27-year-old odin lloyd. those documents say police turned up a vehicle wanted in connection with a double homicide in boston last year. the vehicle was rented in aaron hernandez's name. >>> the defense in the george zimmerman's murder trial could rest today. th
. >> she was so tiny and skinny. i couldn't believe how power and feel strong she was. ntsb investigators completed the first round of pilot interviews. we will keep you posted. >>> three people killed in baltimore city during the past nine days. in the nine days prior, 15 murders in the city, leaders say something must be done. stephanie rolls blake took part in an anti violence walk. reducing violence is a complex problem and requires collaboration with the city and the members within the community. she isn't the only one working to stop the violence. yesterday, at the apples and oranges market another rally was held for peace. >>> we can't always rely on other people, you get help when you say i care about the community. i care about the community. >> they have been working in the community before the rally, talking to young people from the city. outspoken against gay rights and same-sex marriage, after two decades, emmitt burns is retiring. the democrat from baltimore will not seek re-election. published reports say she has frown tired of the e at the present time to which a liberal a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2